“Too Fabulous for Cancer” Charity Mixer is a fundraising event created by Niya Brown Matthews, a two time cancer survivor who has been passionate about telling her story and helping give others the courage to continue to fight. She has a passion for life and to help others tell their story of triumph over this silent killer. “Too Fabulous for Cancer” charity help raises funds for breast cancer survivors or patients currently undergoing treatment. To be considered as a recipient, you must submit a letter stating why they deserve to be chosen for the “Too Fabulous for Cancer” makeover. The makeover consist of some of the following prizes: hair, makeup, nails, a photo-shoot, massage or a stipend for whatever the breast cancer survivors may need it for, whether its co-pay, parking at the hospital.

Too Fabulous for Cancer Mixer is an exciting night of lavish entertainment set to showcase glamour and give power to all breast cancer survivor! Niya Brown Matthews brought this event to life being a breast cancer survivor herself put this all into reality for herself. This event is truly inspiring, elegant, classy, and nothing less. We make cancer survivors feel “Too Fabulous for Cancer”.

So many women share their triumphant stories of battling this disease and some overcoming the odds! Women as young as 25 have been struck with this life-threatening disease!

Be sure to be on the lookout for our next event and its phenomenal women!
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Help Niya continue the fight to stop cancer by giving a donation. Proceeds will assist with promoting cancer awareness in women. All proceed are tax deductible.