Being in a picture and in the presence of such a POWERFUL God fearing Businesswoman, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur such as Niya B. Matthews means alot to me. Your words was truly a blessing to me. If you ever need me or Nulook we are just a phone call away. Your words was really the push I needed that day. You never know who those words are going to come from. Be Blessed and Congrats!!
Sheila Legette

Made it just in time to get my book personally signed by my cousin Niya B. Matthews. Her book was a great mind opener, learned a few things that I know will help me along my journey to the top.
Shametrice Williams

This lady right here Niya B. Matthews is doing big thangs. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to see you today. Every time you post something on the book, it has the power to lift others up, you are truly a blessing to me and many more. I can not express to you how proud I am of you, and how grateful I am that God has chosen you for a time such as this to speak to His people. I am not shocked or dismayed at where God is taking you, I always saw it in you!! May God continue to bless you , your husband Eric, and baby girl Jazz. In the words of Bishop T.D.Jakes, world….GET READY, GET READY, GET READY!!! #greatbooksigning #ilovethislady
Daisy Whitworth

Hi, I was your waiter today at Longhorn thanks so much for coming in. I bought your book today when I got off, now me not ever having Breast Cancer I can’t relate but the fact you survived touched me. A number #1 best seller. Thanks so much.

I challenge each of you,
Especially Women! If you have not purchased Niya B. Matthews book, The Boss in you. Please do! It is uplifting and empowering!
No way on this side of glory would I have missed. Her book signing yesterday at Barnes&Nobles!
I now have my own Autographed copy!
As always the Brown Girls Niya, Nikki ‘Ko’ Brown
And My Inspiration Cevia Mechele Brown brighten my day!
Niya, You have imparted something special in my life,
I pray I did the same in return!
I will NOT quit at the finish line! Celebrating along the way!!!
Love you! #PrettyWomensharesecrets
Katrina Harper

It was a blessing to spend a little time with you and your husband. I pray that your road to success will be full of blessings. Keep God first and he will drive the ship. Be blessed.
Mark Smith